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    Colour grading is one of the most advanced colour correctors. With our colour grading service, we use first-class tools which allow us to manipulate light and colour to complement and finish your content. For example, we can manipulate colour to alter the mood or feeling of a production by going far beyond basic colour correction.

  • Build Your Brand: LOGO DESIGN

    Build Your Brand: LOGO DESIGN LOGO DESIGN Our design team will provide you high-quality and unique logo designs. We are extremely attentive to the finer details, so you can be sure we will get your design just right. ► INCLUDED Free consultation with a member of the Botella Creative Team to help you create your identity. 2000PX X 2000PX image Hi-res 300DPI file Transparent PNG file and White background JPG Up to 3 FREE modifications per order Receive design direct by email

  • Gain Instagram Followers

    Our Social Media Specialists will strategically research, analyse and select Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your account and business. Your 40 Hashtags chosen will be specific to your account/business and optimised to the latest Instagram algorithm trend. The service will also provide you with a personalised consultation and strategy on how you can maximise your performance moving forward. Included 40 Hand Curated Hashtags Research personalised, relevant and high-performing hashtags related to your niche Hashtag ranking strategies Optimise your Instagram account and profile Personalised growth strategy tailored to your brand

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  • An Open Letter To Our NHS

    Dear all staff members of the NHS, On behalf of everyone at Botella Originals, we'd like to start by thanking you for your incredible bravery during these dark days. I think I can speak for all of us when we say that we completely understand that you do not get the recognition and respect you so rightfully deserve, and we hope that this will change. Seeing the heartwreching images across social media of your frontline workers looking exhausted and broken, battling 12-14 hour shifts to save lives is nothing short of heroic. We will never forget the sacrifice you all are currently making when you head toward the danger to confront this terrible and invisible threat. We'd also like to take the time to apologise to you, on behalf of the ignorant and stubborn members of the public who blindly refuse to follow out the simple STAY AT HOME guidelines that our government have suggested, we want you to know that those who have any sense of consideration are doing our bit to ensure that you fantastic people are not swamped with as many more unneccesary cases. We have been utterly disgusted to see images of your staff members not being able to eat after shift, hopefully this can change as soon as possible with further lockdown rules. To the members of the public that read this article, please do not put the NHS under any uneccesary strain, all you have to do is stay inside, please do not fuck this up. In the mean time, we promise you that we will follow all the guidelines recommended and stay safe. We love you all. Shane Blake, Amber Bancroft, Oren Jury

  • Our First Artist! Yazmyn Hendrix | SOUNDSCAPES

    We are delighted to share with you our first SOUNDSCAPES episode tonight featuring the wonderful Yazmyn Hendrix. Her episode can be found here: Yazmyn Hendrix is a highly talented solo acapella artist who can utilise her voice, and a loop station to create her own musical environment. She is an experimental multi-genre singer and songwriter who writes simple songs about complex things; love, life, reality and dreams. Yazmyn Hendrix can be found on multiple social media platforms, please see links below.

  • Botella Originals Presents: SOUNDSCAPES

    PRESS RELEASE We are proud to announce that we are launching a new weekly"live lounge" style music show as our first in-house major publication titled, SoundScapes. Our new series will be released on the 6th March on digital outlets, such as our home created player, as well as video streaming giants such as YouTube and Vimeo. Our show will showcase live performances from a collection of some of the newest UK and global talent in each episode. Our debut season will consist of 6 episodes which will be released weekly from the launch date (6th March). Our team identified that the music business is a forever evolving industry, so we decided to create SoundScapes. Our aims and objective are simple, to build a musical environment where our musicians feel inspired to perform in a safe and friendly environment that has been carefully designed to help further our artist's careers by giving them the opportunity to feature on our show to give exposure in a very competitive and demanding industry. Unlike Colors or BBC's Live Lounge, our new 10-15 -minute format will feature our artists performing two tracks as well as an opportunity for our artists to share what is happening in their world, to you the viewer. As of now, the filming process for the first season of SoundScapes has concluded, and you will be able to view teasers and trailers up to the launch date. SoundScapes has been made by possible via a mix of our in-house production team as well in collaboration with Gary James of the Rum Committee and with special thanks to Michael Laxman (Nuff Hungry) and Oliver Joseph of CultDeep Records. We'd also like to take the opportunity to thank our hard working members of the SoundScapes team, so a massive thanks to Oren Jury, Amber Bancroft, Michael Fuentes-Vasques Wilson and Oliver Hawke for making this show possible. We look forward very much to sharing our new show with you and we do hope you enjoy it. Stay tuned for more info!

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  • Botella Originals - Digital Media - Brighton

    WELCOME TO botella originals DIGITAL DESIGN FOR A DIGITAL WORLD Continue FEATURED WORK WE ARE THE BOTELLA ORIGINALS. We are the Botella Originals. We are a new Brighton based digital production company driven on quality storytelling, eye-catching visuals, and innovative design. The experience of our in-house team covers a plethora of different talents. From commercials to music videos, short films to live events, our team will have you covered. We believe we are working on something very special, combining both a digital production company with our bespoke built social media platform will allow creatives a unique opportunity and freedom to collaborate and engage with our professionals and like-minded creatives, free of charge. ​ Botella Originals will be focused as a video production company as a standalone full-service agency with backing from the team at Botella Media Group. Botella Originals will continue to work businesses and brands while continuing to deliver our ethos of hard work and dedication to your projects. ​

  • SOUNDSCAPES | Botella Originals

    SOUNDSCAPES Out of gallery WANT TO BE ON SOUNDSCAPES? APPLICATION FORM First Name Email Last Name Phone Artist Name Tell us a few words about yourself and your musical style Next

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