We Are Botella Originals.

Welcome to Botella Originals, your new digital production agency.


Botella Originals are a new Brighton based digital production company driven on quality storytelling, eye-catching visuals, and innovative design. The experience of our in-house team covers a plethora of different talents. From commercials to music videos, short films to live events, our team will have you covered.

We believe we've been working on something very special, combining both a digital production company with our bespoke built social media platform will give creatives a unique opportunity, and freedom to collaborate and engage with our professionals and like-minded creatives, free of charge. We believe that collaboration is vital in an ever-changing creative industry.

Our new company will strive to create our own engaging content which will be released very soon, we all cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to share everything with you.

Oren Jury of Botella Originals framing his Canon C100 MKII


In recent years, Botella Originals, formally Botella Media Group has made a concentrated push into custom advertising and branding, working with up-and-coming brands to help create a clear and understanding identity.

We also understand that camera technology is one of the most important elements of a film production. Under the guidance of our experienced professionals, however, the full potential of these high-end devices can be fully exploited. We also appreciate that good sound and coherent light are as just as important for a good shoot, and a well-polished finished product.At Botella Originals, our ethos reflects the professionalism of the company depicted in the film.

We are also excited for our huge first deal with the LINK Digital Scheme to help western influences showcase their work in a huge new Eastern demographic.

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