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Botella Originals has been selected to be the official Marketing Executives for The Nurture Scheme, an interesting and innovating project by Link Digital Media. The exciting partnership will commence today.

Link Digital Media recently launched The Nurture Programme, an exclusive group for hand-selected influencers who we will breakthrough in the Chinese Market. Together, we are offering free support to help establish their brand and source paid partnerships.

Link Digital Media are a UK based media talent agency with a mission to create cultural collaborations between China and the rest of the world. They help talented content creators to reach the Chinese market through social media and introduce them to brands who want to engage with this audience. 

Together, we will work together directly with western influencers to assist them breaking into the Chinese market, providing them with the expertise, connections and language skills to build a large new audience. 


Did you know? 

Western social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are banned in China. However, there are a range of other platforms available such as WeChat and Weibo. 

Why become an influencer in China? 

Over 18% of the earth's population are Chinese, that's larger than Europe, USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Brazil combined! Over 854 million Chinese people use the internet and 71% are active social media users. This number is growing all the time, which means the audience volumes that are possible far exceed that of the oversaturated western markets. 

Not only are there huge volumes of people in China using social media, they are also a very engaged audience, with the average user spending 5.8 hours on the internet per day.

Large and engaged audiences are an influencer's dream, but for this to be a viable revenue stream brands must also want to reach this audience. Millennials in China (19 - 35 years old) were born under the one-child policy. This means due to their lack of siblings they have higher spending power than your typical young adult because their parents took care of study fees and housing costs. 

They spend about 70% of their income on socialising and dining out. The rest they will splurge on beauty treatments, luxury clothes, high-end home accessories, and traveling. This makes them the ideal audience for many consumer brands. 

Like all nations, but particularly in China, audiences love to explore different cultures and engage with great content from around the world. However, because many western social media platforms are blocked and predominantly content outside China is distributed in English or other languages, western influences have not broken through to this market. Because of the demand for western content, many channels have popped up in China distributing stolen content from influencers without their knowledge. 

What people are lacking to enable them to break into this market is knowledge of the different social media platforms, mandarin language skills, and understanding of the cultural trends. This is where Botella Originals and LINK Digital Media can help. 

How can LINK Digital Media help you break into the Chinese market? 

Both Botella Originals and Link Digital are market specialists that work in China who can help you set up your presence on social media sites such as Weibo and WeChat. We provide a fully supported approach taking you from establishing your profiles, all the way to paid brand collaborations.

How does the process work?

We build your online presence - We can help you navigate the social media platforms most used in China such as Wechat and Weibo. We can advise which will best suit your content and style.

We grow your audience with your existing video content - Once we have created your channels we can help you repurpose your existing content by translating the narrative to help grow your audience. We will also suggest new content that would appeal to the market. 

We find brands who want to partner with you - We have exclusive connections with Chinese brands to help find you the right partners for your audience and we will help you to negotiate a paid collaboration. 

Throughout this process you will have a Chinese market advisor, they will provide you with suggestions and information to help improve your impact. We also do all the hard work for you: translation, uploading, applications for official accounts, account management and communications with brands. 

Plus we also protect your copyrights. Once you open an official channel in China, we will make sure your content is not being stolen by others and used in the market. 

You can also benefit from our existing exclusive partnerships with social media platforms such as (Chinese Youtube) and Xigua Video (Chinese Tik Tok). Douyin is Chinese TikTok Through these partnerships, the social media channels will boost your content to help you grow your following. 

The Nurture programme is an exclusive group of influencers who are hand-selected to be a perfect fit for the Chinese market. Being part of the VIP programme means you will be prioritised for brand collaborations and all investment in establishing your brand in China from LINK Digital Media is free. 

Why should you sign up for the LINK Digital Media Nurture scheme for influencers now?

Zero cost and no risk. We don’t work for you, we work with you. We support you on your new journey in China without any charge or upfront cost. We work on a commission basis for paid partnerships, so if we don’t find you brands to work with there is nothing to pay. 

Be ahead of the tide. Make sure you are top of the list for brands looking to expand overseas who are looking for western content creators in the Chinese market. Social media is a quick-moving space, so it is important to get established now. 

Protect your Copyright. Content is already being stolen from influencers around the world. By creating your profiles you can make sure you benefit from your hard work, not other people. 

Why did LINK Digital Media create the Nurture Programme?

We believe in diversity and cultural collaboration is a great thing. Our world is becoming more and more connected every day, which we feel helps promote acceptance, cultural exchange and creativity. 

Through sharing your own personal experiences you can help influence the world and make other people's lives better by inspiring and opening their eyes to other possibilities. Not only do you create value for them but it helps to boost your own personal value by finding a community of people just like you all over the world. We want to help nurture this wherever possible. 

How does LINK Digital Media split revenues?

We believe in transparency and no risk for our team of talent. That is why we charge nothing before you make any revenue. We invest money in your post-production, profile management and finding brand collaborations. In return we take a percentage commission of any money earned through these partnerships, all agreed when you join the program. No hidden costs. 

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